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True beginnings christian dating

Matthew24 and Revelation7:1,2 indicate that the 2nd and 3rd fire signs may be EMP weapons - man made lightning .

The Watchtower suffered a 40 year wilderness penalty from 1976Tishri1 (for giving up on chronology after their 1975 failure, having spied out the possibilities for future predictions and produced a bad report) to 2016Elul30 (the end of the old secular secular year).

But that penalty had a 12 month gap from 2015Nisan22-2016Nisan21 during which Jesus must make his 2nd marriage bride rejoice and a 50 day gap for her installation as Caesar and 2x30 day gaps for ascension and descension of Jacob's ladder which is in the ark not in the wilderness.

Because God gives everybody a second chance at all of his festivals and at life. If you miss both the regular and the late Passover then you stand condemned..

SO THEY HAVE ONE MORE CHANCE ON 2017SHEBAT14, THE LATE LAODICEAN PASSOVER. So if a 2NC Laodicean fails to attend both, then they lose their angels, being the firstborn angelically They all survive physically but are nonetheless forfeit to Roger Knight the builder of Jericho, the one who stole the LW water baptism and created the Laodicean sect in the Watchtower.

The new secular year begins on 2017Tebbeth1, the 7th day of Hanukkah of Isaiah for Laodicea, as a result of the Laodicean Passover on 2017TebbethShebat1, the 7th day of late Hanukkah for Zoar as a result of the 1st Watchtower Passover on 2017Shebat14.

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Revelation 7 prohibits any Passover angel to permit wind to blow against the earth or see or trees until after 2013Shebat13 (a 128 sentence count of verse1 after Jesus is installed as Caesar on 2017Tishri5) . All Laodicean 2NC saints who failed to celebrate the Laodicean Passover on 2017Tebbeth14 or the late Laodicean Passover on 2017Shebat14 have lost their angels.

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We now predict the 2nd fire sign to occur on 2017Shebat21 (2018February12-13), the 93rd Baalian Solar Pentecost Pentecost from 2005Sivan12, the fall of the Watchtower as a true church.Then it went into cold storage and was reanimated for Jesus, not having yet healed on 33Nisan23 and on 33Sivan1.The literal and the greater Thomas is blind and deaf and needs physical touch to believe][1x 10x 5x 1x=17x from 2017Shebat30 to 2017Adar17, the 3rd marriage when Thomas starts filling the holes in Jesus' body, his wife.The 12 firstborn apostles of Roger Knight, the tribal heads of Laodicea, will all lose their angels because they will all fail to celebrate either Laodicea Passover The 12 firstborn of his youngest, the first ones baptised after 2012Elul10, the firstborn adamic members of each tribe, will also fail to celebrate either Laodicean Passover and therefore be Passover executed physically and die on 2017Shebat14 - if we have this right. So those who joined the tribes were just adamic and retained their 1AC baptism if they had one. [a month for a day, 14 years and 4 months, from the baptism of the 2nd Laodicean by Roger Knight on 2003Elul14-21, actually by 2003Elul16 (when we used to hold the 2NC celebration) in order to keep their stolen baptism (pursuant to his baptism on 2002Elul16) as the apostle to Laodicea, the hidden church of the night, the bottle gourd plant, the bottled Gordon plant, the night shade, the church of fornication with the concubine of Judges19, to 2017Tebbeth14-21, Laodicean Cakes, when Laodiceans escape from their Egypt into a Sinai to the Egypt of the Watchtower.When the 2nd presence ended, Laodiceans were downgraded from being non adamic Isaiac to being non adamic Abrahamic. So by 2017Tebbeth21, the last day of Laodicean Cakes, all the Laodicean armies of Jehovah have escaped from the Watchtower by resigning from it][This very day, is the 'day' of 2017Tebbeth14-21, which is precisely 430 years, a month for a day, from 2003Elul14-21, more particularly from 2003Elul14-16 which must have been the days when Roger Knight, the Laodicean apostle, baptised the 2nd Laodicean in order to celebrate the 2NC on 2003Elul16 and not lose his stolen 4EC water baptism] with regard to Jehovah for bringing them out of the land of Egypt.The 2nd and 3rd fire signs are nuclear terrorist attacks on Manhattan and East of London around Dartford producing mushroom clouds rising from the Hudson and the Thames. For the lightning of Matthew24 shines from the East/Sunrise to the West/Sunset and Matthew16:1-4 and Luke -56 indicate that these fire signs occur at sunrise or at sunset, beginning the summer of the harvest of the saints.