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Matters of life and dating

Now on Trulia, you’ll be able to see what non-discrimination protections exist for the LGBT community in any location.

From all over the world we turned and prayed toward Jerusalem, and because memory was kept alive, the Jewish people lived. We are not a nation of farmers recovering swamps, nor of warriors ― though when we need to be we are all these things.

We are a nation of priests and of prophets, a light unto mankind.

Like the Romans they expelled Jews, and destroyed synagogues.

The Muslims came after, and as those before them rewrote the memory of Jerusalem, expelling Jews and Christian.

From this place, the whole world is cast into perspective. Humanity has long understood that he who controls Jerusalem controls the world's memory. He controls the way life's forces are cast into perspective.

It has no commercial or industrial importance, and it is not a cultural center. London comes from a Celtic word which means "a wild and wooded town." Cairo is an anglicized version of the Arab name for Mars, the Roman god of war. The name has two parts: Yira, which means "to see," and shalem, which means "peace." Jerusalem was the place of Abraham's sacrifice of Isaac, and Abraham said of Jerusalem, "This is the place where God is seen." Elsewhere, God is a theory, but in Jerusalem, God is seen, and felt, as a tangible presence. Paris may be for lovers, but Jerusalem is for visionaries.

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This blog is more about opening up a conversation than it is about providing answers., is this: “Should dating be reserved only for someone you think you want to marry?” The following email excerpt is typical: “My parents did not allow us to have boyfriends growing up unless we were sure we wanted to marry them.Yet many are now telling me that their “non-dating” lifestyle wasn’t healthy, either.I believe Josh tried to thoughtfully counter many abuses in his (and my) day, and I’m grateful for his heart and courage (both then and now).All people deserve to feel at home, wherever they choose to live.