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Interracial dating biblical beliefs

The first theory that is prominent to me is that women are attracted to masculinity.

Take Disney’s Beauty and the Beast as a prime example.

Other examples include 50 Shades, and whatever vampire and werewolf movies were loved primarily by women in the past few decades.

This does not make them superior, more self-actualized beings—a hard-drinking gym rat construction worker and a flaky stripper are both strongly sexually polarized, and could definitely end up together, but you don’t want to be either one.

– That said, the prevailing ethos in the West generally moves people to a lower level of polarity than they “ought” to be—as in, could stand/afford, and would enjoy.

Some goals align with each other well and some don’t. “Women must feel the same.” Beauty is not shallow as God created man to behold beauty as sexually attractive.

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Unfortunately, given the current social climate, bad boys display a lot more of it than nice guys.

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Both men and women do want to maximize, to some extent, the sexual attractiveness of someone they want to marry or be with.Even Proverbs 31 describes a woman who runs a business out of her home, and there are numerous women in the Scriptures like Lydia who ran businesses.We tend to have a false impression about that from western culture where a lot of wives want to or have the ability to stay home as housewives.This requires significant wealth acquisition, and is only really seen in first world countries.Women working, at least part time, or jobs that align with children (such as school teachers) tend to be the norm in most cultures across most times.One thing I’ve been mulling over recently is womens’ addiction to bad boys.